Spark Apps

Spark apps can be launched over a distributed Spark cluster. All Spark apps are listed under Translational Informatics category. Spark apps suitable for analysis of data are grouped in Apollo Analysis category.

The following Spark apps are available in the App Library on the platform.

CSV Loader Load CSV files into the database
VCF Loader Load VCF files into the database
Spark SQL Runner Run a list of Spark SQL commands
Allele frequency calculator Calculate allele frequencies for a cohort and load the results into the database
Allele frequency range cohort generator Generate a cohort that includes only individuals who have alleles in the desired allele frequency range based on a previous AF calculation
GWAS Do a GWAS analysis on the specified cohort(s) and load the results into the database
Note: Please contact if you would like access to the Apollo product suite and these Spark apps.

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