App Metadata Conventions

This document describes a convention for using fields of an app's "details" to store information that is not otherwise represented in the app's fields. This information is normally sourced from the dxapp.json metadata file in the app source code directory (see App Build Process for more info).

The "details" of an app may include the following fields (all fields are optional):

  • contactUrl: a string containing the URL of the developer's external website.
  • contactEmail: a string containing a contact email address for the developer(s).
  • contactOrgs: an array containing org handles of organizations associated with this app's development.
  • repoUrl: a string containing the git URL of a publicly readable repository for the app, if the app is free/open source.
  • repoSubpath: a string containing the path to the app's subdirectory within the repo at repoUrl, if the app is not rooted at the root of the repo
  • exampleProject: a string containing the project ID of a project that contains auxiliary resources related to the app, for example, sample outputs.
  • whatsNew: a string containing Markdown that indicates what has changed in the associated version of the app.
  • upstreamAuthor: a string containing the name of the upstream project author or organization.
  • upstreamVersion: a string containing the version number of the upstream project used to build this app.
  • upstreamUrl: a string containing the URL of the upstream project.
  • upstreamLicenses: an array containing strings indicating the license(s) that apply to the app. e.g. "GPLv3" or "MIT".
  • citations: an array containing digital object identifiers for publications that describe upstream software

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