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Asset Bundle

Asset Bundle

An asset bundle is a tarball that contains executables, libraries, static data or any other artifact that is required by an app/applet. Asset bundle is stored on the platform as a hidden tarball file which inturn is referenced by a visible record object of type AssetBundle. The record object refering to the asset bundle will contain the following metadata:

--type AssetBundle

--property version=0.0.1

--details {"name": "asset_name", "id": {"$dnanexus_link": "hidden_tarball_file_id"}}

An app/applet will refer to an asset bundle (i.e. a record object) with runSpec.assetDepends metadata as follows:

"assetDepends": [

        "name": "record_name",
        "project": "record_project_id",
        “folder”: “record_folder_name”,
        "version": "record_version_number"

During app/applet build time the runSpec.assetDepends i.e. the record object will be translated into a runSpec.bundledDepends object.

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