Command Line Client/Search Your Data

You can search by metadata when looking for a particular data objects or projects.

Searching Data Objects

You can search through your data objects using dx find data. By default, it restricts the search to your current project, unless no project is set (in which case it searches over all projects), and it outputs some basic metadata information including the folder the data object was found.

$ dx find data open 2012-08-23 15:43:41 /baz/bazrecord (record-B0qF47Bqg2Kf537FbvP0006p) open 2012-08-23 15:43:35 /foo/foorecord (record-B0qF45pqg2KVf70XbjP000Kz)

You can open the search back up to all projects using ‑‑allprojects or specify a different project to search with using ‑‑project.

If you use ‑‑brief, it will return the results using the format "<project ID>:<object ID>". These are valid, unambiguous paths which can be used as input to another dx command such as dx rm.

$ dx find data --brief

You can also restrict your search using values for most metadata fields. See below for a few examples. Run dx find data ‑h for a full list of options.

# Match given tags and types
dx find data --tag purge --tag foo --type Reads
# Match property key-value pair
dx find data --property sampleid=X12345
# Have a property key (any value okay)
dx find data --property sampleid
# Restrict by when objects were created or modified (relative to now)
dx find data --created-after=-6M
# Or by date
dx find data --created-after=2013-05-01 --created-before=2013-06-01

Searching Projects

Projects can be searched using dx find projects using similar metadata to data objects, namely by name, tags, and properties. In addition, you can restrict the results by the permissions you have available for the project.

# Only return projects for which you have ADMINISTER access
dx find projects --level ADMINISTER
# Only return public projects
dx find projects --public

These restrictions can also be combined with the metadata search criteria as you like.

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