Upload and Download Files


There are three primary ways of uploading files to the DNAnexus platform.

  • The command dx upload allows you to upload one or more files as well as folders to the platform. For more detailed information about dx upload, see the dx upload page.
  • For large or many files, we recommend that you use the Upload Agent due to its ability to resume previously interrupted uploads. You can find more information about Upload Agent here.
  • If you are trying to upload a file that is not local but hosted at a publicly accessible URL, you can use the URL Fetcher app (platform login required to access this link). You can launch the app more than once to upload multiple files in parallel.

Migrating from another service

If the files you wish to upload are not on your local machine but are hosted in another service, you can migrate your files into DNAnexus. Please note that in order to migrate files from another service to DNAnexus, you must have an account on the platform.

The service providers we currently support are:


For information about downloading files from the DNAnexus platform, please see the Downloading Files page.

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