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Start here: Build a full-featured app in 10 minutes. Then, explore advanced app features and the architecture of DNAnexus.

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Get started writing an app in Python | bash

Debug With Ease

Debugging apps using the SSH terminal
Error Directory

See Sample Code

Sample Code Snippets - See sample code for Python | bash

import dxpy @dxpy.entry_point("main") def main(name): greeting = "Hello " + name + "!" print greeting return { "greeting": greeting }
main() { greeting="Hello $name"'!' echo "$greeting" dx-jobutil-add-output greeting "$greeting" }

Use Advanced Features

Run a Cloud Workstation

Launch your own Linux workstation on the DNAnexus Platform to interactively work with your data.

The App Build Process

Control how your app or applet is built for the platform. Include dependencies, data, or build your app remotely to ensure platform compatibility.

The Workflow Build Process

Learn how your workflow can be built from a serialized JSON description.

Parallelize Your App

Leverage the power of the cloud by adding multiple entry points to your app.

Request Additional App Resources

Need extra memory or CPU power? Learn how to specify additional hardware and software requirements for your app.


Client Libraries

dx (Command-Line Client) Reference

API Specification

Other Platform Docs

Execution Environment Reference
Job Lifecycle
App metadata format dxapp.json
Workflow metadata format dxworkflow.json

DNAnexus on GitHub

Browse source code for API bindings, examples, apps, and more. Pull requests welcome!

Developer FAQ

DNAnexus Answers

Community Q&A forum for developers and users. Get expert bioinformatics help and discuss your experience.

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