Release for 05-Feb-2019

  • Adding internal metrics and alerts to the internal audit trails from the Platform.
  • Refactoring the error handling in the MongoDB for metadata storage
  • Phase out usage of describeSpotInstanceRequests as this is no longer being used

Release for 28-Jan-2019

  • Refactor internal account for cluster jobs
  • Refactor the file status caching logic for Apollo

Release for 21-Jan-2019

  • Refactor internal authentication server
  • Refactoring Azufre-specific code for the Platform to make more efficient.

Release for 15-Jan-2019

  • Refactoring the filecloser functionality to address bugs.
  • Additional monitoring code with Prometheus added to file uploader.
  • Continued migration of existing SSO users to Okta SSO

Release for 08-Jan-2019

  • Concurrent Org Worker Limits:All orgs that do not have custom concurent worker limits will default to a maximum of 500 concurrent workers.
  • Refactoring of API servers for Okta tokens (impacts only customers moving to Okta SSO)
  • Refactoring of Nucleus for compatibility with MongoDB 3.4
  • Refactoring to fix bugs in dx_download

No Release for 01-Jan-2019

No Release for 25-Dec-2018

Release for 18-Dec-2018

  • Updates to the SCIM server for specific customers to integrate with the DNAnexus Platform Okta authentication server (no impact for all other customers)

Release for 11-Dec-2018

  • Deprecated command line interface (CLI) commands "dx sh" and "dx exit"
  • Internal refactoring of code, including adding internal monitoring and alerting functionality

Release for 04-Dec-2018

  • Added i18n/I10n support to allow the user interface to recognize the user's language selection

Release for 27-Nov-2018

  • Refactoring external API servers to support Ubuntu 16.04 and configure for autoscaling
  • Ability of the user to archive without requiring support intervention (AWS-East only)
  • Augmentation of the MongoDB server with AWS Aurora server (AWS only) for select customers
  • Support for HTTPS access for JupyterLab

No Release for 20-Nov-2018

Release for 13-Nov-2018

  • Updated the download proxy service to handle large volume of big files
  • Movement of SSO functionality from the internal Auth Server to Okta for an existing customer

Release for 06-Nov-2018

  • Custom expiration dates on tokens
  • User's profile now allows email preferences
  • Turned on the load balancer on the internal API server.

Release for 30-Oct-2018

  • Upgraded the nginx webserver to V15
  • Refactoring of the job manager to a high availability status
  • Allowing users to see the public symlink URL
  • Upgrade to REACT to V16 of the Javascript library

Release for 23-Oct-2018

  • Removed the social media links on the landing page of the Platform
  • Alerts to org admins when the audit trail is turned off (a configuration setting)

No Release for 16-Oct-2018

Release for 9-Oct-2018

  • Deployment of the Apollo functionality of the Translational Informatics Suite to appropriately licensed users
  • Refactoring code for data egress

No Release for 1-Oct-2018

Release for 25-Sep-2018

  • Refactoring of the beta-Apollo code (Translational Informatics Suite)
  • Refactoring of data egress functionality

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