Single Sign-On

DNAnexus supports Single Sign-on functionality using the SAML 2.0 protocol. Using identity management services like PingIdentity PingOne, Okta, and OneLogin, DNAnexus users within your organization can use their Active Directory or LDAP-based accounts to log in to DNAnexus.

In SAML terminology, DNAnexus is a Service Provider, and its metadata is available at To use an SSO integration with DNAnexus, first email us to register your Identity Provider metadata with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up DNAnexus SSO for my organization?

Email with information about your organization and the SSO integration provider that you use. If you have SAML IdP (Identity Provider) metadata XML for your system, please include it.

How do users register their SSO accounts on DNAnexus for the first time?

DNAnexus supports SSO just-in-time provisioning of accounts authorized by the identity provider. When the user logs in via their identity management SSO portal, DNAnexus automatically creates a new account if necessary, and links it to the identity sent by the identity provider.

How will users begin the SSO login process?

To log in, users should first access their identity management SSO portal and select the DNAnexus application. They will then be automatically redirected into their DNAnexus Platform account.

Can SSO users log in through the DNAnexus login page?

This process (known as SP-initiated SSO) is not yet supported. Users will see an error message prompting them to instead log in through their identity management SSO portal.

Are there any differences between features available to SSO users compared to regular users?

Yes. SSO users cannot change their email address or password, or enable 2-Factor Authentication on the DNAnexus website. Users should use the identity management service to configure these options instead.

How can administrators control who can sign in using SSO?

Please use the administrative management console for your identity management service to manage your organization's SSO users.

Is single logout (SLO) supported?

No, single logout is not yet supported. Please email us if you need this feature.

Is IdP-initiated SSO supported?

Yes. Use the steps listed in How will users begin the SSO login process? above to trigger IdP-initiated login.

Is SP-initiated SSO supported?

No, SP-initiated login is not yet supported. Please email us if you need this feature.

Are SSO users automatically added to their DNAnexus organization and billing account?

No, this process is currently manual. Please email us if you need to add a user to a DNAnexus organization.

How can SSO users log in using the command line client dx?

When trying to log in with dx login, SSO users receive this message:

dx: Login error: SSORequiredError: The user is registered via single sign-on and may only log in through the identity provider, code 403

To use the command line with an SSO-enabled account, first create an API token on the DNAnexus Platform website. Click on the user name and navigate to the Profile, then click API Tokens and create a new token. Then specify the token on the command line using dx login --token TOKEN.

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