Adding Data

To add data, go to the project you would like to add data to.

Click the Add Data button.

There are three available methods on the web platform to add data to a project. To select the desired method, click on one of the icons in the tab bar.

Alternatively, if your files are very large, the Upload Agent is the fastest and most reliable way to transfer very large data files to the platform.

Ways of adding data

  • Your Computer: You can upload files directly from your computer by either dragging it from your file manager onto the window, or by using the "Choose a file..." button. You may specify a name for the uploaded file in this dialog, otherwise it will be inferred from the name of the uploaded file. Start the upload by clicking the "Add Data" button in the lower right. Afterward, you will be taken to a screen where you can monitor the progress of your uploads.

  • Server: With this option selected, you will be prompted to provide one or more URLs to the file or files you wish to add to your project. Start the transfer by clicking the "Add Data" button in the lower right.

  • Other Project: This option allows you to take data from another project. Find the project you want to import data from and click its project box, then select items with the check boxes to the left. Finally, click "Add Data" to import the data to the project.

Uploader Privileges

If you only have the "Uploader" permission for a certain project, you may not see all of the above options. Uploaders can only upload data through the web browser or Upload Agent, and may not run any apps--including those used to download a file by URL or import certain types of data. If you only have Uploader privileges but need to do certain of these tasks, you can either perform the actions in a separate project that you create or contact the admin of the project in question and ask for the capability to run apps.

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