Every analysis in DNAnexus is built out of apps. This page allows you to find apps that fit your needs, learn about them, and install them. The "Categories" column on the left lets you filter for a particular use case.

You can run an app in the following ways:

  • From the web interface, in a project, click Run.
  • From the command line, use dx run.
  • Use the /app-xxxx/run API call.

Installing an app bookmarks that app to your toolbox so you can find and run it easily. To install an app, simply click the Install button for that app on the Apps page. A tab in the upper left lets you manage all your installed apps. Visit it to uninstall any apps that are no longer needed. They can be reinstalled again at any time.

On the Apps page, each card is labeled with some information about the app such as: its name, version, who added it to the platform, whether you've installed it, and a short description of its function.

Each app also lists what inputs it takes and what outputs it generates, to help you determine which app to use on your particular dataset.

To get more information about a particular app click its card. This will navigate to the app's information page which contains detailed information about its inputs, outputs and what's under the hood. For apps encapsulating existing bioinformatics tools this page also contains licensing information, links to the website for that software and citations to any publications it might have. Additional tabs show the version history for the app and any developer documentation which describes the inner workings of the app in detail.

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