Adding Data, Creating Workflows and Running Analyses

This page also is used for adding data, managing data currently in the project, creating workflows to process that data, and visualizing the results in an integrated genome browser. Follow these links to find out more about these actions:

Manage Data

Data management is performed through a graphical file browser. This page is the central point from which to view the contents of a project. Each object in the project also has actions that can be performed by clicking the item's name directly, right-clicking on the item, or by selecting its check box and an action button that appears in the top bar.

Different actions are available when different objects are selected. Available actions include:

  • Download: File objects can be directly downloaded from the system. For more information see downloading.
  • Info: This action shows a window with more information about the object. All objects have a unique ID that can be used to unambiguously reference the object. Objects also carry metadata about their owners, time of creation, size, tags, properties, and other properties which help with data organization and search.

    Tip: For more information about metadata associated with an object and ways to use DNAnexus to manage a large number of files, please see the Object Information and Filtering and Search pages.
  • Delete: Removes selected objects from the system. A confirmation window will appear before deletion.

    Note: Deletion of data from the system cannot be undone.
  • Copy data to another project: To copy data from the current project and into another one that you have contribute or greater permissions first select all the objects for copying. Selecting the "Copy" action from the action bar will open a project browser window to allow you to select which project, and where within that project, to place the selected items. Copying occurs instantly.

Note: While it is possible to copy data between projects (when you have sufficient permissions), you cannot have multiple copies of a data object within a project.

Organizing data

  • New Folder: Within a project objects can be organized using a standard file system. Create a new folder by clicking the "New Folder" button above the left navigation pane.
  • Rename: Any object or folder can be renamed by clicking the "Pen" icon to the right of the objects name and entering a new name. The pen icon appears when the mouse is hovered over the object in the data manager. Names may have spaces, numbers, and other special characters with a few exemptions such as "/". Since each object is represented by a unique ID number rather than by name, multiple objects may have the same name.
  • Move by drag and drop: Within the main data manager window objects and folders may be dragged and dropped into a new location within the project. To copy data out of the current project use the "Copy" action.

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