The Download dialog allows you to download your data from the DNAnexus Platform to your own computer, optionally exporting to a different format.

To use it, select a file (or multiple files) in the Manage view of your project and click on the Download button.

Download files

Files that were not imported into DNAnexus representations (e.g. FASTQ files) can be downloaded directly.

Downloading via the web browser

The Download button will trigger the download of your files using your web browser.

Note: Downloading via a web browser is not available as an option if you have selected more than 20 files. You will either need to download in batches of 20, use the DNAnexus command line client, or download via a download utility (instructions below).

Downloading via a download utility

If you wish to download the file from the command line, a remote machine, or if you are working with very large files (i.e. whole human genomes), you will want use a download utility with a pre-authenticated download URL. For large files, these utilities can be faster and more reliable than downloading from your web browser.

To generate a download URL for use with a download utility, click on the Get URL link.

You can also generate download URLs for all the files selected by clicking on Get Bulk URLs on the left side of the download dialog. This option is only available if you selected multiple files to download and will generate a list of space-delimited download URLs which you can copy onto your clipboard. You can also export this list as a text file (with one URL per line).

Please note that these download links are pre-authenticated download URLs and are valid for 24 hours. This means that in the 24 hours after URL generation, the links provide direct access to your file, and can be used to download the file without any additional authentication.

Sample download utility commands


We recommend using aria2 for fast and resumable downloads. You can learn more about this open source utility and how to install it at its project page (external link).

# To download one file aria2c -x8 -j8 -s8 <URL> # To download multiple files from a list of URLs aria2c -x8 -j8 -s8 <URL 1> <URL 2> <...> # To download from a list of URLs saved within a file aria2c -x8 -j8 -s8 -i <path to URL text file>


Alternatively, you can also use wget, an open source download utility that comes pre-packaged with some Linux distributions. Please visit its project page (external link) for more information on how to install and use this tool..

# To download one file wget <URL> # To download multiple files from a list of URLs wget <URL 1> <URL 2> <...> # To download from a list of URLs saved within a file wget -i <path to URL text file>

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