The "Monitor" tab of a project

This page allows you to monitor jobs that have been launched in the context of the project. Jobs may appear in a project via one of the following actions:

  • Using the Run dialog to run apps, applets, or workflows.
  • Using the Add Data dialog to upload anything other than an Uncategorized file.
  • Using DNAnexus command-line tools or APIs to launch jobs.

This page shows a table of jobs associated with the project. The table contains the following columns:

  • Status: The status of the job.

    • When initially launched, the status of a job is Waiting. The job will remain under that status until other jobs that it may depend on are finished, and until DNAnexus has allocated the required resources to run the job in the cloud.
    • Once that is done, the status will change to Running and the job will start running in the cloud.
    • If the job completes will no errors, its status will change to Completed.
    • If an error is encountered, its status will change to Failed. (This change may also happen while the job's status is Waiting, if a required dependency fails and the failure propagates). See Errors for more information on reasons why errors may occur.
    • If the job is terminated prior to completion by a user, its status will change to Terminated.
  • Name: The name of the job. The default name for a job is the name of the app (or applet) of the job. This can be changed at launch time; for example, when running an app or applet using the Run dialog, you can set the job name by clicking and renaming the title in the dialog (after selecting an app or applet). This name is also used in notification emails. The contents of this column are clickable; clicking on a job name will navigate to the job details page for that job.

  • Executable: The name (title, object name, or object id) of the app or applet that is associated with the job. When launching workflows, each workflow step appears as a separate job that corresponds to the particular app or applet related to that step.

  • Launched: How much time ago the job was launched (such as "3 days ago"). NOTE: This time does not reflect the point at which the job started running; after a job is launched, it may be in the Waiting status for a while prior to starting execution.

  • Launched by: The name of the user that launched the job.

Each job name is a link that navigates to the Job Details page for the job.

The panel on the left allows you to filter the display for a subset of jobs based on a particular status.

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