History for Data Object Lifecycle

Steve Osazuwa October 08, 2017:  SCI-560: URL typo fix [fad1c48]
Phil Sung July 19, 2016:  Document "detail" in output of /record-x/close when already closed Also loosen the API to not commit us to the specific string that's being returned. [5933115]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen June 24, 2016:  Removed "GenomicTable" from API specs [8b7ec8c]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen June 24, 2016:  Removed GTable type documentation * Removed all Type pages (e.g. ColorReads, ContigSet, Genome) * Removed link to "Type Directory" page * Removed GTable references from Types API spec * Removed remaining references to GTable types [9e478d2]
Evan Worley December 11, 2014:  Adding note about records being closed during creation [cf98f9d]
Andrey Kislyuk January 21, 2014:  Dataobject close does not throw invalid state anymore [1c6f5ea]
Katherine Lai December 06, 2013:  Formatting update [7890628]
Andrey Kislyuk October 02, 2013:  Fix a few broken links found by the scanner [6551cea]
dkillebrew September 19, 2013:  close file/data object/gtable, upload, setDetails, setProperties, setVisibility, gtable addRows/nextPart [ea9940b]
Katherine Lai January 08, 2013:  Changing depth of API method headings [433ae93]
Phil Sung December 21, 2012:  Remove references to Table API. [97840eb]
Katherine Lai December 03, 2012:  id->ID in general, removed more instances of "analysis" [3c68bb1]
Katherine Lai (kjlai) November 15, 2012:  [99711f7]
Andrey Kislyuk October 23, 2012:  [7822784]
Phil Sung August 31, 2012:  [28e9040]
Katherine Lai August 14, 2012:  [4038df5]
Katherine Lai August 14, 2012:  reorg [57d1b44]