History for Project Permissions and Sharing

commandlinegirl September 17, 2017:  Fix broken link [5ddcff9]
commandlinegirl September 17, 2017:  Add a missing close parenthesis [06e5b71]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen June 24, 2016:  Removed GTable references from API specs [0b820d0]
Phil Sung March 23, 2016:  Merge branch 'master' into PTFM-16040-multi-region Conflicts: API-Specification-v1.0.0/Projects.md [297d3a2]
Carrie Jiang March 14, 2016:  PTFM-17564 Remove mentions of the PUBLIC state of a project [b88ae20]
Sean King October 28, 2015:  Merge branch 'master' into PTFM-16065-project-transer-update-restrict-by-region Conflicts: API-Specification-v1.0.0/Project-Permissions-and-Sharing.md API-Specification-v1.0.0/Projects.md [a3fc7b6]
Sean King October 27, 2015:  fixing revision changes [03e3d92]
Jason Rogers October 27, 2015:  PTFM-16497 Renamed field 'createProjectsAndApps' to 'allowBillableActivities' [02d17bc]
Sean King October 19, 2015:  fixing revision changes [b15aecf]
Phil Sung October 15, 2015:  New billTo must have phiFeaturesEnabled when project containsPHI [698b9ec]
pnguyen October 06, 2015:  Update /project-xxxx/acceptTransfer specification. [fb68a29]
Sean King September 24, 2015:  Fixing revision changes Make errors higher level comments, changed transfer project to an InvalidState [9920785]
pnguyen September 18, 2015:  PTFM-13323 Add documentation for `restrictProjectTransfer`. Describe `restrictProjectTransfer` in org policies. Reference `restrictProjectTransfer` in /project-xxxx/{update,transfer}. [bad2ed3]
Sean King September 16, 2015:  PTFM-16065 Project transfer and update check region A project cannot be transfered or updated to a user that does not have permissions to create a project in a specific region. Therefore we must specify these potential errors in the API Spec. [f675c7d]
Sean King August 21, 2015:  Removed ambiguity in project transfer documentation [d3fbf19]
Sean King August 19, 2015:  fixing revisions on b69099db01dcac3f20308073210d08141724498a [bb7312c]
Sean King August 18, 2015:  PTFM-15388 move error to InvalidInput [b69099d]
Sean King August 18, 2015:  PTFM-15388 Users must be an admin in their billTo projects updated leave and decreasePermission documentation to reflect the new restrictions on billTo users [9f75e3b]
pnguyen July 08, 2015:  PTFM-13321 Add /org-xxxx/removeMember specification. [912f248]
pnguyen June 18, 2015:  PTFM-14807 Add API documentation for org admin MVP. [f3e1994]
pnguyen June 07, 2015:  PTFM-15216 Admins of org `billTo`s can always describe projects billed to org. [ba61033]
pnguyen June 02, 2015:  PTFM-15215 Update /project-xxxx/update specification. [fb5c28a]
Alan Zhu May 11, 2015:  Removed unnecessary wording from review feedback [122ca83]
Alan Zhu May 11, 2015:  PTFM-14117 Documentation for suppressing project invite emails [6fb97f8]
Joseph Dale May 05, 2015:  typo [2cd4265]
Phil Sung February 20, 2015:  PTFM-14222 Update API docs to reflect auth token scope requirements [4a85cca]
pnguyen October 28, 2014:  Update acceptTransfer documentation. [bdd3b21]
Phil Sung August 25, 2014:  PTFM-12205 API updates for sponsored data Summary: See D44 for implementation. Test Plan: N/A Reviewers: klai Reviewed By: klai Differential Revision: https://phabricator.dnanexus.com/D26 [07bee96]
Katherine Lai July 01, 2014:  PTFM-9144: Project transfer API changes Test Plan: n/a Reviewers: emiloslavsky Reviewed By: emiloslavsky Differential Revision: https://phabricator.dnanexus.com/D21 [f9473c3]
Joseph Dale June 28, 2014:  Add suppressEmailNotification flag to /project-xxxx/transfer. [e58b1b4]