History for Records

Sean King July 15, 2016:  PTFM-13953 idempotent object creation [bdc091e]
Sean King June 30, 2016:  Revert "PTFM-13953 idempotent db object creation" This reverts commit 35be933907787fd332f412107ad507237d9bc334. Conflicts: API-Specification-v1.0.0/Projects.md [7b786bd]
Sean King June 27, 2016:  PTFM-13953 idempotent db object creation [35be933]
Phil Sung June 01, 2016:  Fix up line wrapping, capitalization [6ed352f]
Sean King April 13, 2016:  change error to reflect actual limits [70bde7e]
Sean King November 20, 2015:  fixing review changes [827943b]
Sean King November 18, 2015:  PTFM-15263 Document limits on properties length [2d62d8b]
Phil Sung November 02, 2015:  Clarification: sponsoredUntil is always in the future, if specified [8252676]
Phil Sung June 21, 2015:  defaultFields defaults to false if fields is supplied This makes the semantics a compatible extension of the existing semantics for project, job, and app describe, in case we ever decide to give the same treatment to those routes. [28917bb]
Phil Sung June 17, 2015:  PTFM-14816 API for client to specify desired fields [4ce23ae]
Evan Worley December 10, 2014:  [ PTFM-13891] - Adding documentation for the new record close option [a17d25f]
Phil Sung August 25, 2014:  PTFM-12205 API updates for sponsored data Summary: See D44 for implementation. Test Plan: N/A Reviewers: klai Reviewed By: klai Differential Revision: https://phabricator.dnanexus.com/D26 [07bee96]
Phil Sung April 15, 2014:  Fix links [c5add71]
Phil Sung April 15, 2014:  PTFM-11556 API specification for /system/describeDataObjects route [d87284d]
Katherine Lai (klai) November 11, 2013:  Updated Records -- replace italics with parents [fdcffa4]
Katherine Lai November 07, 2013:  Finished updating Records page [28a531d]
Katherine Lai (klai) November 07, 2013:  Updated Records (markdown) [b43940b]
Katherine Lai (klai) November 07, 2013:  Updated Records (markdown) [3a65ec8]
dkillebrew September 20, 2013:  make these lists [56effd3]
dkillebrew September 19, 2013:  update new record/file/applet/gtable. file upload. Paragraph describing vew, upload, contribute, administer [480f820]
Katherine Lai June 28, 2013:  PTFM-8350: transfer API updates for project ID conservation [e2e5bf3]
Katherine Lai June 14, 2013:  Added InvalidState errors to relevant methods for pending transfer reasons [1b0f83c]
Katherine Lai January 22, 2013:  PTFM-2680: updating API documentation with information for new dataUsage/sponsoredDataUsage fields [b83248e]
Katherine Lai January 08, 2013:  Changing depth of API method headings [433ae93]
Katherine Lai December 03, 2012:  id->ID in general, removed more instances of "analysis" [3c68bb1]
Katherine Lai (kjlai) November 15, 2012:  [91717bc]
Katherine Lai October 23, 2012:  [3c3ea47]
Katherine Lai September 04, 2012:  [a6755f8]
Katherine Lai September 04, 2012:  [bd6551f]
Katherine Lai September 04, 2012:  updating links [364a6af]