History for App Build Process

commandlinegirl October 20, 2017:  DEVEX-228 Ubuntu release is now required for applet/new (#207) [3a0932f]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen September 02, 2015:  removed links to outdated Example-Applets.md [2d5ea21]
Andrey Kislyuk October 23, 2013:  Create errors directory and dxapp.json; insert cross-references [c79ea69]
Katherine Lai August 26, 2013:  PTFM-8584: Add reference to dx add|remove users from the app build page [2fe530f]
Katherine Lai August 25, 2013:  PTFM-8584: Add documentation for dxapp.json [dfa7e36]
Andrey Kislyuk August 23, 2013:  Wiki updates to make cross-compiling guide more prominent [f34d5e5]
Mike Lin (mlin) July 03, 2013:  Updated App-Build-Process (markdown) [0938f36]
Andrey Kislyuk July 02, 2013:  [PTFM-8320] Begin dx-build-* -> dx build migration [484d263]
Phil Sung June 25, 2013:  Add more category names to sync with membrane, dx-toolkit [e51ad27]
Phil Sung June 25, 2013:  PTFM-6107 Rename Alignment category to Mapping (and other renames) [5001f15]
Phil Sung June 14, 2013:  PTFM-8115 [df489fb]
अनुराग बियानी (abiyani) June 06, 2013:  Updated App-Build-Process (markdown) [f0d7f0c]
Phil Sung (psung) April 23, 2013:  Updated App-Build-Process (markdown) [41d7410]
Phil Sung February 06, 2013:  Fix formatting [9b88a9e]
Phil Sung February 05, 2013:  Add info about cross-compilation. [840755b]
Phil Sung January 30, 2013:  Renamd Application Build Process to App Build Process. [5b05e6e]