History for Asset Build Process

Samantha Zarate October 12, 2017:  Fixed table of contents [dd07f80]
Samantha Zarate September 26, 2017:  Asset documentation update (#187) * Modifying asset build process documentation * Removed Asset Bundle page, revised Process page * Modified link to Asset Bundle page [94d1eec]
Andrew Carroll (acarroll) June 15, 2016:  Updated Asset-Build-Process (markdown) [2af8af8]
Abhiram Das May 25, 2016:  Added instanceType to the asset metadata [f29f4ba]
adasgt May 09, 2016:  Update Asset-Build-Process.md Fixed the broken link to 'Asset-Bundle' [fb32479]
Abhiram Das April 27, 2016:  Added a document about how to build an asset bundle. [4aa188a]