History for Connecting to Jobs

Brett T. Hannigan September 30, 2016:  PTFM-17575 Updating Windows ssh instructions (#142) [81e3019]
Phil Sung September 15, 2016:  Merge branch 'production' into staging [8c7d8f2]
Bill Agee (bagee) September 14, 2016:  Updated Connecting-to-Jobs (markdown) [7f2ea18]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen September 01, 2016:  PTFM-18528 update documentation for ssh proxy support [1f16a43]
Demo (tnguyen) June 22, 2016:  Updated Connecting-to-Jobs (markdown) [d0e594c]
Demo (tnguyen) August 21, 2015:  Updated Connecting-to-Jobs (markdown) [7ef76fa]
Chris Meyer (cmeyer) May 06, 2015:  Updated Connecting-to-Jobs (markdown) [b67e55f]
Katherine Lai November 24, 2014:  Add debugHold and debug_hold documentation where appropriate [f740d0f]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen November 04, 2014:  Added documentation for interactive ssh functionality [2b33937]
Andrey Kislyuk August 26, 2014:  PTFM-12191 Debug hold documentation [ff7e616]
Katherine Lai July 01, 2014:  PTFM-12190 Interactive worker docs [a2aeba2]