History for bash

Thanh-Ha Nguyen June 24, 2016:  Removed GTable code from developer tutorials * Left parallelizing your app because it needs to be replaced [78271c2]
Sean King May 04, 2016:  PTFM-17542 remove C++ from dx-app-wizard output [d16b43c]
Andrey Kislyuk July 02, 2013:  [PTFM-8320] Begin dx-build-* -> dx build migration [484d263]
Phil Sung April 25, 2013:  Html report documentation [a5cf767]
Andrey Kislyuk April 12, 2013:  Move "Build Your First DNAnexus App" to "Intro to Building Apps"; link Developer Quickstart [773f8b5]
Phil Sung February 07, 2013:  Escape <TAB> and <ENTER> properly. [63a3bd7]
Phil Sung February 06, 2013:  Fix SDK links. [81f2f41]
Katherine Lai January 30, 2013:  Added initial bash tutorial. [52a20b0]
Katherine Lai January 08, 2013:  Reorganizing the app tutorials by PL [4e8447c]