History for Projects on DNAnexus

pmurray June 29, 2017:  Fixed a few more places with updated text. [472923a]
Phil Sung December 20, 2016:  Make wording of PHI features more consistent * The general feature and the org flag are called "PHI Data Protection" or "PHI Data Protection features" * The project flag is called "contains PHI" and projects with or without this flag are called "PHI projects" or "non-PHI projects" respectively * Add a tip about logging in to see the uncensored details [81d325d]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen March 15, 2016:  Removed instructions for making projects public [9c68b5b]
Demo (tnguyen) February 10, 2016:  Updated Projects-on-DNAnexus (markdown) [f2e0d42]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen January 31, 2016:  Linked new project documentation in sidebar [fff9edb]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen January 31, 2016:  Added projects general guide and ui guide [5bd7967]