History for dxapp.json

commandlinegirl October 20, 2017:  DEVEX-228 Ubuntu release is now required for applet/new (#207) [3a0932f]
Samantha Zarate September 26, 2017:  Asset documentation update (#187) * Modifying asset build process documentation * Removed Asset Bundle page, revised Process page * Modified link to Asset Bundle page [94d1eec]
commandlinegirl April 24, 2017:  DEVEX-238 resources in multi-region apps (#172) [1c566e1]
Phil Sung April 14, 2017:  PTFM-19086 multi-region bundledDepends, assetDepends * Add specification for multi-region bundledDepends, assetDepends [5cac9b1]
pnguyen February 21, 2017:  Fix formatting. [ef4d295]
Hamed Haddadian February 09, 2017:  Merge branch 'production' into staging [e35845b]
Samantha Zarate February 09, 2017:  Typo fixes and other minor edits [e3c5f36]
pnguyen February 02, 2017:  PTFM-19085 Add dxapp.json specification for building multi-region apps. [8d87829]
pnguyen December 01, 2016:  PTFM-18860 Document how to use "dx build" for multi-region apps. [d75d32b]
Phil Sung June 07, 2016:  Port still-relevant parts of #85 [5c55747]
Abhiram Das April 05, 2016:  Mistake updated dxapp with same info twice [0fea4d1]
Abhiram Das April 05, 2016:  Added runSpec.restartableEntryPoints to dxapp [b2d2fb5]
Abhiram Das March 24, 2016:  Updated restartableEntryPoints definition [bbbeda3]
Abhiram Das February 22, 2016:  Fixed review comments [f09de01]
Abhiram Das February 19, 2016:  Updated the asset bundle documentation [ee29855]
Abhiram Das February 19, 2016:  Added record create example and fixed the quotes [442d622]
Abhiram Das February 17, 2016:  Added asset bundle metadata information for the dxapp.json [5308b5a]
Andrey Kislyuk (akislyuk) January 04, 2016:  Updated dxapp.json (markdown) [588dd4a]
Thanh-Ha Nguyen July 28, 2015:  initial updates [ad6d725]
Alan Zhu May 08, 2015:  PTFM-14493 disallow public apps for non-@dnanexus.com users Documentation update for only allowing dnanexus users to add 'PUBLIC' to authorized users [5568957]
pnguyen March 13, 2015:  Add API specifications for job timeouts. [65f0c4c]
Katherine Lai November 13, 2014:  Wording fix [1f27621]
Katherine Lai November 13, 2014:  Include developer flag in dxapp.json access section [a077eb5]
Andrey Kislyuk (akislyuk) May 30, 2014:  Updated dxapp.json (markdown) [aacead7]
Andrey Kislyuk (akislyuk) May 30, 2014:  Updated dxapp.json (markdown) [1058bb8]
Katherine Lai March 06, 2014:  PTFM-10636: Document new instance type names [0fd4f7d]
Phil Sung February 11, 2014:  Add "developers" field to dxapp.json [bcb8590]
Phil Sung January 08, 2014:  Merge branch 'staging' [6b8445c]
Phil Sung January 03, 2014:  Add Structural Variation as a category [20a8952]
Phil Sung December 18, 2013:  Fix parentheses [46dcf2d]