incomplete uploads

Occasionally you may get notified of an incomplete upload. This condition is most likely caused by an interruption outside DNAnexus’ control, such as a network issue, power outage, computer crash or simply if the upload window was closed while an upload was in progress.

How is the incomplete data presented in the platform? Within your account, the partially uploaded data appears in the "open state" but is not usable until fully uploaded.

Can I recover from an incomplete upload? The web site and the upload agent will continue where the interrupted upload left off. However, you must select the exact same file and same target location.

How does the tool/ upload method used relate to this issue? The upload may have been triggered in any platform tool including: the web UI, the Upload Agent tool, dx-toolkit in a CLI, or a custom method.

Am I charged for the partial data? You are charged for storing data on the DNAnexus servers regardless of its completeness. For best cost savings, either finish your upload (see "Can I recover from an incomplete upload?" above) or delete the partial upload from the system.

Why did my partial upload get deleted? In order to save you money on data you can't use, the DNAnexus systems will automatically delete incomplete uploads after a number of days. We'll warn you several days before we do this so you have the opportunity to take action if you choose.

Last edited by Chris Meyer (cmeyer), 2015-07-23 00:45:18